I have to keep my head up

Today just wasn't a good day, Have any of you other young moms get negative things said towards you that bring you down? When I got pregnant I remember this old lady said I should've aborted because he was a devils child because I was a pregnant unmarried teen, and you know I figured things would stop with all the negativity because I work 40+ hrs a week, I'm going back to school in spring that I happen to have to pay out of pocket, and I receive no government help at all besides my insurance (that I still pay for), but now I'm being looked down on because I'm going to a community college instead of an university, and that I'm not going anywhere because I decided to have children young and that I will be stuck at fast food for awhile while others succeed and have sorority lives and what not. I'm so sick of being brought down just because I am a young mom and want more kids, but sorry that I don't plan on wasting my life partying away and that I am more family oriented but it doesn't mean I can't be successful! I do absolutely EVERYTHING for my little family. I'd like to see them step in our shoes and see how fast their lives changes.

    People will be people no matter what your age. When I got pregnant with my son I was 34 and I got all sorts of rude comments for being pregnant. A lot of the same age things but only because they thought I was too old and set in my ways to be able to take care of a kid. I got told I was ruining my career and that I would never be successful again. The people I thought would be happy for me where so negative and hateful.
    To me it sounds like you made something that a lot of people see as a negative, having a baby young, into a positive and have used it to push you toward greatness! It's hard to hear the negative comments but just know you are doing amazing and try to just push their nonsense out of your head. I don't think I could handle all of that at once...and I'm old! Lol
      Stay strong Aundreya. People will always talk, just keep doing your thing. Remember that people tell sh*t when they are unhappy inside, a happy person will never feel the need to upset someone.
        That's terrible that you're going through that. At least you know the truth about yourself. I don't understand why people get so judgy...
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