Middle of the night hunger

Since I started my second trimester I wake up in the middle f the night hungry. Unusually ignore it, drink water and try to sleep. Is this healthy to do? If I'm hungry should I eat while I'm pregnant in the middle of the night? Oh and has anyone else experienced this at all?

8Theresa Gould
I think it is that amount, Melissa, or it use to be.

I'd grab a piece of fruit or some other low calorie snack if it is keeping you awake.
    I eat relatively healthy but it's about every 2 hrs while I am awake and it's mostly snacking: yogurt, fruit, veggies, beef, oatmeal but in small quantities so I might not be getting my full caloric intake awake? Maybe I should use a journal lol but I've actually lost weight I have not gained one lb yet ( knock on wood) lol
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