Did You Keep the Umbilical Chord?

No, I did not keep my son's umbilical chord. Why? Because, to me, it was a nasty scab and needed to be tossed. But that is just me. I kept other non-bodily keepsakes though from him (and I will keep a clipping of his first haircut, but no nasty, crumpled momentum like that). I had a SIL get mad at me because I threw pieces of the umbilical chord in the trash at the pediatrician's office; it was crumbling off his body so in the trash it went. She kept her kids' and she even kept the foreskin of her son's penis when it was circumcised. That is going too far to me. I didn't even ask to keep my son's. And, if the option was offered to me, I would decline.

How about you? Did you keep the umbilical chord?

Melissa MiddletonPennington Gap, Virginia
Melissa Middleton
LOL!!! I love the pun!
    8Theresa Gould
    I have kept ours. :) Now whether or not they have made it through our move and re-organization in the past three years remains to be seen.
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