I'm just going to put him in sweat pants, forever.

Today was a tough morning in this household with my son. It's all about the pants, to begin with.

I have been trying to find a pair of jeans for Bub that fit the way he likes. I cannot go by sizes with him, only have a rough idea of what sizes might work. If it's even the slightest bit too tight it's a no go. If it is too big I may be able to convince him BUT only if it has an adjustable waist and he can wear his belt too.

Such was the case this morning. He tried on several pairs of jeans when we went shopping and this one, lone pair made the cut. But this morning they were too loose. Cue bad mood.

I give up!

Anyone else have a kiddo who is SUPER picky about clothes? I'm just going to buy sweat pants for this one, lol.

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