Home school or public school

What's everyone's opinion on the two? I'm really considering home school after reading some of these crazy teacher stories and the incident with the little girl that got injured on the play ground at school and the fact that they don't really teach nothing in school anymore. At least not here. I would put her in extra curricular activities so she could have a social life. I have plenty of time but I'm really thinking about it. Just wondering what everyone thinks.

    8Theresa Gould
    I homeschool. I'm like you. We did not set out to homeschool our children but after an hearing about an incident in PA about two young girls being subjected to physicals at school without their parents' knowledge or consent (and this was over 17 years ago), we started exploring the idea of homeschooling. Went to our first homeschool conference when our daughter was just 2 months old and haven't looked back since.
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