loosing weight while pregnant?

​When you get pregnant, weight gain is part of the package. But what if you're loosing weight?

1. Morning sickness makes weight loss particularly common.

2.If you an overweight woman, you may become more conscious of your diet during pregnancy. A new commitment to healthy eating may lead to some weight loss.

3.Another potential cause of unintentional pregnancy weight loss is illness during pregnancy.

4.Under no conditions should you try to lose weight on purpose during pregnancy, unless you have been advised to do so by your obstetrician.

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    8Theresa Gould
    It's amazing that weight loss can occur but I agree with you and Leah we should never purposely set out to lose weight when pregnant.

    Another reason could mean an expectant mom is sick. Last year the daughter in law of a colleague was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer - 4th stage during her first pregnancy. :( She lived until May or June of this year. Her baby was only 8 months old when she died. So very sad. The mom herself was only in her late 30's too.
      I agree with these.. I also think it should be said, you shouldn't set out to indulge in every way shape and form.. we all know how much a healthy baby weighs and all the jazz that comes with making them.. so to hear my friend say she gained 65 lbs.. yikes. It's as unhealthy as trying to lose weight if you ask me.. it's so much harder on your body and pregnancy I think is the best time to become the most healthy version of YOU!
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