Aka as the Depo shot or birth control shot.

I am considering getting this as my contraceptive at my 6week visit to my ob..

Any of you mommies use this form of birth control? If so, how are the side affects for you? Would you reccommend it?

    I had to be on it for my endometriosis. Just like any other birth control, you have to ask your doctor and weigh out the benefits and the side effects. It works differently with each person but common side effects are weight gain and pregnancy-like symptoms. It is not guaranteed to stop periods but it can after a month or so. You have to get the shot every 12 weeks and usually symptoms calm down after the first 12 weeks. I personally do not like it, but it's the only choice I have to take because it's the only birth control that will help with my endometriosis. I hate taking pills on a daily basis but honestly, I would actually prefer taking the pill over getting the shot. I gained 30 lbs on the shot and lost a lot of hair. The best thing you can do is to try it out for 24 weeks (2 shots) and see how you feel about it yourself. If you don't like it, you can come off of it and try something else. Good luck!
    Hi Samantha. Congrats on that beautiful baby you have. Are you planning on having any more kids any time soon. If not did you think about doing the Mirena. I have been on for about 6yrs with no complications. I was on the depo myself and gain weight some people do and some people don't gain weight. Then i took the pills made me sick, so i went the next route when then came out with the Mirena i got that. I am 40 did not get my tubes tied. Cause at the time i wanted to the doctors told me i was to young. So
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