Birth Stories

Hello everybody , i wanted to hear your birth stories. Every detail. Whether if you got the epidural or not, how long you were in labor, boy or girl, length, pains, puking or not, ect. I want to hear it all . How far were you dilated before you got the epidural? Send me a private message or respond on here ! Thanks lovely's :)

    The first three I can't tell you too much because once I got the epidural it's a fog. They gave the epidurals about 5-6 centimeters, wouldn't let me eat or drink and told me when to push.
    With my youngest, it was an all natural and I remember it. Labored at home through small contractions, when they got five minutes apart and long, we went to the hospital where they thought I had no idea what I was talking about and thought my labor would stop because I was able to walk through contractions and laugh and talk. (If you don't think about them, they won't seem near as bad and laughing releases oxytocin which helps your body manage the pain. The nurses got schooled on a few things.) Despite me being attended by a midwife, it took the on call OB to get me out of triage into a birthing room. From when they considered active labor to the time she was born was 4 hours. I dealt with the pain through walking around, squats, hula dance, hands and knees on the bed, bathtub with jets like a jacuzzi and finally the birthing tub where I could just float and let my body do it's thing. When you have to push, it will feel like you have to poop-but more intense, I don't know how to explain it. :) You just know what it is when you feel it. I wouldn't go back to pain killers for anything because I remember it, and I was able to eat and move which helped SO MUCH. We were not made to labor on our backs, gravity works against it and closes the birth canals. :)
      With my son I woke up at 3 am 5 wks early from due date and I thought I peed on myself, well it turns out it was my water breaking and after I got my stunned husband out of bed we made it to the hospital and by 330am I was in a birthing room. I do remember the pain which weren't to bad but I did get a epidural I don't know how many centimeters I was. The epidural wore off of my right side so I still felt some. My husband who is usually tough almost passed out with they gave it tome lol. After 12 1/2 hrs my baby boy was born at 404pm he was 19inches long 6 pounds 3 oz. apparently his cord got wrapped around his neck but he was smart enough to have his hand in between the cord and his neck which doctors say saved him. I was 20 years old when I had him. I am looking forward to having my next one.
        With my son he was due on april 12 2009, which was Easter, but he didnt come out till the 15th. i got to the hospital at 8am, induced at 9am, then i stood without the epidural until 12:30pm. when i got my epidural i went completeley numb from my belly all the way to my feet. i then pushedhim out vaginally in 13 minutes. My husband told me that when my son was crowning,(only his head was sticking out) that i reached down and grabbed him right out. everyones situation is always different . ioh and once your done pushin you'll completely forget about either how much pain you were in or how tired you are. all you will be worried about is seeing your new little miracle in your arms ..I hope your goes through good:)
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        I am a soon to be mother . 16 years of age & scared to death about having this baby .my mom is not supportive , my dad is 100%. Dont really have any mother roles to help me out in this pregnancy , so any advice would be great due Nov 26 2014