Going out to eat, alone? Go to the movies alone?

Do you ever go out to eat alone? I don't mean fast food, but to a restaurant?

I just can't do it, seems so boring to me. When I go out to eat at a restaurant part of the fun, for me, is the conversation!

What about going to the movie theater alone? I hate movie theaters so the only time I go is if the kids beg me to take them. I wouldn't go alone.

    I used to go out alone all the time when I was single. The first time I went out to eat alone it was a little awkward but they sat me in a horrible spot where I just felt on display so I asked to be moved. It got easier after that. I actually enjoyed it.
      I love, love, love going places by myself. Not every time, of course, but sometimes. I actually went out and had Chinese food just yesterday while I finished up a project.
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