Letting a boys hair grow out

I hear from a lot of people that letting a boys hair grow out is silly and he'll look like a girl...well bentleys dad has shoulder length hair and I've decided to let bentleys grow out to I think they'll be like twins and it'll be cute. They're best friends he calls his dad bubble instead of daddy...probably because I call him bubble butt frequently. But anywho back on topic who thinks it's weird to let a boys hair grow who thinks it's cool...

Letting a boys hair grow outLetting a boys hair grow out
5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
    Everyone was telling me not to cut my son's wild, thick, curly, & out-of-control hair, but it was too much by 17-18 months & I did it! He was called a girl constantly by strangers, even with boy clothes, a toy car in his hand, etc., but who cares! That just means he's pretty enough to be a girl! I added a photo of the drama I went through, only to have his hair grow back out in less than a month. Another plus for you will be not having to go through this! ;)
      I think it's cool. Hubby used to have very long hair, so I like it. I'd probably let any future son of mine grow his hair.
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