I'll know soon whether or not my spontaneous decision was good or bad!!

t may seem crazy, but I just decided to try to work things out with my son's dad, so we're all moving 4.5 hours away from home to live together for the first time ever!! My son is 21 months old & his dad has no legal rights to him, but I let him see him anytime he wants right now. We weren't together when I got pregnant or even after I had our son. I hope all goes well, but I'm not expecting anything close to perfect & happily ever after right away! I'd rather try than regret it later! :)

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    Thank you!! I take him over to stay with him at least a few days every 2-3 weeks (but I stay the entire time also). He's actually never once come over to my house to see him... my parents aren't very welcoming and always said he wasn't allowed here right after our son was born. I feel like he just uses that as an excuse now b/c a lot of time has passed since then! They've never met each other and my parents are very judgemental and set in their strict, conservative, old-fashioned ways, so I would probably do the same if I were in his situation! It's not like I'm going to be stuck once I move, so I'm proud of myself for at least giving the situation a chance! There are pros and cons either way you look at it! Thanks again for the support! :)
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