Are you living a TTC Nightmare?

Have you found that once you decided to give up on the birth control and actually conciously started trying to get pregnant that it seems to get more and more difficult and more heart breaking every month that you "fail" while everyone around you seems to be getting pregnant SO EASILY???

Ar you stressing out about tracking your cycle, making sure his boys are in working order, checking your basal temp, what kind of mucus you have today, when you are ovulating and every other minute change your body is going through? Only to have your period come late because you are stressing which in turn stresses you out more?

Have you tried having sex, eating right, having sex, exercising, having sex, taking prenatal vitamins, having sex all to no avail? Or has sex now become a chore that you and/or your partner are no longer enjoying?

Have you been trying for months and months and months only to feel like its never going to happen for you? Are you close to breaking point and looking into medications/ IVF or even adoption?

I think now is the time to get a mani/pedi, get your favorite take out for dinner, have a glass (or 6) of wine and relax! Stop trying... Spend the next two weeks bringing the love back into your relationship - go for walks, coffee, picnics etc. Take the pressure off and NO SEX unless thats where the moment takes you. Dont do it out of obligation or wanting to have another go at trying...

Believe me I know its hard but I think we all need to relax and de-stress just slightly.