hubby and I going to be married 3 years on the 17th. Anybody have advice for when a roller coaster life to keep the love rolling with all the ups and downs? Also when you comment how many years married or together with guy.

    Aw, I just got married in July to my love who i've been with for 10 years, we got married on our anniversary. If you fight just work through it, life is a roller coaster - just enjoy the ride. :)
      there will be times that you can't take it any more and you feel like giving up but first see how far you have gotten and is it worth it after all. Love one another and cherish every moment your with him because when he's gone you will miss him so much......look at your beautiful children there were made with love.....Love your husband, have an open line of communication is the key to a happy marriage even though you or him might not agree on each others opinion respect each other anyways.respect is important ....I been married @4 1/2 years but known my husband for 7 years
        Hubby and I will have been married four years this year. I'm all in for listening to this advice too
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