job hunting

I am having a hard time looking for jobs.I have not really worked in 4 years and I need to find something different than what I usually do because of my back problems..I have to find something soon!The bills just keep piling up and we have no extra money.We are struggling really bad right now and I am feeling super stressed..I'm not even sure what type of jobs to look for that would not hurt my back and I can only think of like hotel desk clerk jobs, bank teller jobs and office jobs, neither of which I've done before..Does anybody have some ideas? I only have experience in retail and food.I was an assistant manager before at a retail store.

    Thanks..I checked out the alpine site and it looks like it's legit and a good option.The only bad part is it says you have to have a desktop computer and I only have a laptop...And I've never done a sit down job but I think it will be ok.I can stand for a decent amount of time it's just all the strenuous stuff that comes with the jobs I usualy do that makes it hard.Just sweeping and mopping kill my back and a lot of bending and lifting stuff too..
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