Having doubts about trying to conceive

Okay, so as many of you ladies know... Life has been stupidly stressful for me for the past while.... so, so much has occurred in just a few short years.

And sometimes now I find myself having doubts about trying to conceive. We have tried for *SO* long. And sometimes I still feel that super intense desire to have a baby.

But other times, I just don't care.

I used to literally shake before I took a pregnancy test, I wanted it so bad. I took one yesterday (neg.) and I realized while I was waiting for results, that I mostly didn't care. Maybe I'm just used to "TTC" being the perpetual state of things.

But sometimes I debate if its even the right decision anymore.

Some days I look at my cats and think... "You are so needy. I could never raise a child."

And, of course, they're CATS. They really aren't that needy.

I'm just a bit tired of it all I guess, and it's making me doubt my decisions.

Did this ever happen to any of you, especially those of you who tried for a long time?

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