anyone have really low days? Feel like crying your eyes out. And have people tell you need to talk to a professional about depression.... ok I know I have had it, but just because I feel low and want to cry doesnt mean I need to talk to a person who wont even listen to me and spend money..... if I wanted to talkto someone and not have them listen I can talk to anyone I know. They can ignore me for free. Errrr soooo over it.

    Yes, definitely I know what you mean... And you're right, most therapists are not worth their fee. Some are, but a lot aren't. Are you down about anything in particular or is it like a chemical, just happens sort of thing?

    Hugs. Depression is hard... You're in my thoughts.
    Not true, Marcie. You're definitely worth it. I understand the ffeeling you feel, but it's just not the case--you're always worth it. All of us here at moms.com are always here for you.
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