If you haven't tried to go to college

Is there anything that is stopping you from trying to get a degree? I am just curious here as this was a recent topic of discussion I had with a group of moms.

Some of the reasons I heard were:

Can't afford it.
Don't know what I want to do as a major.
Not interested in getting a degree.
Childcare issues.
Started going and then had student aid issues.

Does any of this ring true for you?

    Though the money sounds extremely annoying, sometimes I don't want to do it because I want to make SURE I make it myself. I don't want to "fall back" on my degree. Then, then I will get the degrees I desire and perhaps pursue something with them. It's like getting a face tattoo so you don't get a "normal" job.

    I will more than likely go though because I care about what I want to study.
    I want to study Psychology for certain and may pair it with Intel.

    What did/do you want to study?
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