Hey ladies, I'm sorry I haven't been on for awhile things here have been really crazy. My babies are getting older and smarter each day nothing really has changed with them. But we do have my step-son staying with for awhile, so the kids have been having a ball with him being here. I did pick up a new job and home schooling my step -son. His mother actually signed up for the K-12 program which is school online for kids of any grade level and its really impressive. My husband is doing really well now after we just had a little scare three days ago with him. My husband is a wounded worrior at Walter Reed Naval Medical Center, about a year ago he was a the wrong place at the wrong time and he was shot in the head and knee. Thank god he made it through and now he's doing therapy to regain strength back into his right arm and right foot. He has came a long ways and he is making amazing progress everyday. But what happen three days ago was my husband second seizure because he has TBI he is most likely to having seizures within after a year of his accident. So I have been really making sure he's taking it easy and keeping the kids proactive. But yea that's my update just to catch you ladies up with me.

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      Thanks for the update! It does sound like your life has been really hectic lately... I'm glad to hear he's progressing. Take it easy, mama.
        8Theresa Gould
        Good to have you back! Sorry about your husband but good to know he's improving.

        Sounds like you are having fun homeschooling your son!
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