My baby has been very very fussy in the evenings... Today has been the most I have seen her so fussy!! It's easier for me to calm her down than anybody else. She is only a month old and I read that it could last for a while! It breakers my heart to see her cry!
Any of you mommies have colicky babies? What did you do to soothe them?

    I don't, but have a list of food on the picture that helps while you're breastfeeding to eat.
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      Thank you! I stay very calm during these times, everybody else is in a panic. I just hope that she isn't crying because she is in pain because then I might cry... But it's not a pain cry from what I have experienced in these last 4 weeks. I have her the gripe water around 8 then a nice warm bath using the lavender baby bedtime bath soap and I have the lotion too and she has been pretty relaxed. Still a bit fussy but nowhere near liked before!
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