The threes are really worse than twos

Third time she has gotten into the bathroom and done mayhem. First time, there was just water everywhere. Second time, she found the band-aids, drown them in the sink, found the dixie cups and made a mess of those, and she had water everywhere. Tonight, she had water everywhere, stuck stuff in the toilet, tore the tp into a million pieces on the wet floor, took her clothes off, rubbed baby soap on herself and the floor, put the medicine bag in the sink and drown it with water, and had the counter soaked.

How does this happen? She sneaks out of her room late at night or early in the morning.

    8Theresa Gould
    Sometimes threes can be worse than twos, that's for sure! Have you tried a safety knob on her door so she cannot get out until you wake up and let her out?
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