1 month baby not eating

My daughter just turned 1 month this weekend. Lately she has been eating a little less. I didn't think anything if it besides the fact that she was content and didn't want or need any more for that feeding until I realized that her wet diaper counts were decreasing by maybe 2 or 3 in the usuall10... This just started and it worries me a bit. I have yet to get her doctors number for middle of the night calls.

Please isvthere anybody else's breastfed babies went through this?

    So she's still having 7 or 8 wet diapers? I wouldn't worry about it. If she is content, she is content. Another couple of weeks or so she'll probably hit another growth spurt and you'll be going crazy because she'll want to nurse constantly. :D
    I was told by a doctor once that babies listen to their bodies and only eat when they are hungry, and stop when their stomach gets full.
    I've been there. :) Keep asking, questions are the only way to learn. I still call my mom daily with a question or two or three about the kids. :)
    :) Sorry. Keep asking on here.
      8Theresa Gould
      She is sleeping longer through the night, right? Babies can hold their pee, you'd be surprised and then the will pee just after waking up. Otherwise call your doctor to ease your worries.

      I call my mom too for stuff. :)
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