I Won't Be On Much Today

My allergies are in overdrive due to the constant changing weather...I think it has developed a personality disorder or maybe it is pregnant? Lol Anyhoot, I hope all you mothers enjoy your day. I need to rest some. I feel worse than the garbage in my can (if it had feelings). And, I am rambling...another sign of not feeling well. So, I am off to watch kiddo movies with my tot and rest a bit. Love you all!

Melissa MiddletonPennington Gap, Virginia
    feel better soon!
      Melissa Middleton
      Thank you, ladies. I am feeling a little better. All the sinus pressure is a pain but it's slowly going away.
        Melissa Middleton
        Thank you, Melissa. I found out it is the beginning of a blasted cold. Drats. I blame the hubby for bringing home stuff from work. Blah.
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