Solid Food Feeding Times!

Mamas.. when you FIRST started feeding solid foods to your little one.. what TIMES did you do it at? Were you super consistent? Did some days it vary?

I need honest Mama advice here :)

    We started out with very small amounts 2 times a day, and breast feedings in between. Waited 4 days until we tried something new. Morning and evening feedings with solid foods and BM in between. Gradually worked up to 3 meals a day but still nursing too.
      We started with oatmeal cereal in the evenings and after about a week of that, moved onto pureed veggies. We took cues from her about what she wanted and when she was ready to table foods. You will begin to notice different cues your little one makes to help you understand what they want. At 11 months, we give my daughter small pieces of just about everything we eat. She loves watermelon and cheese right now!
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