Clean your plate

What are the rules in your household about dinner? Must the children eat everything on their plates? A certain amount? A bite of everything and then they can leave the table?

What do you do when it comes to mealtimes and how well does it work for your family?

    Alyssa Martinez
    Usually my kids want seconds when my husband cooks. I dont cook at all, he used to be a chef so we all crave his food. But sometimes the kids will find something they dont like..I make them try it and if they really dont like it then i wont make them eat it.
      I won't be doing eat everything on their plate rule. I'm not sure how it will work yet... I hope my kids aren't picky and love food like I did so it's not a problem. Fingers crossed.
        I put just enough on my sons plate to where he is full. If he wants to go back for more i will let him. But i don't want to over fill his plate to the point to where he says he is done and his plate still has a lot of food on it and he waste it. I also don't force him to eat it if he is full as well, cause then i don't want to make him sick. I hate when food is wasted cause there are so many people out there starving and we throw so much away. I tell my family that. Put what you want on your plate and if you want seconds go for it.
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