The 49ers won!!! Did your team win??

My team played my husbands team.. I was jumping up and down like I was a cheerleader again! I was so proud of my squad!!

Alyssa MartinezNew Port Richey, Florida
    I'm a 49ers fan so I was pretty happy they won :-)
      Alyssa Martinez
      Yeah i am a die hard since i was out of the womb lol my father is from California and always nick named me niner. I was very fortunate last year and my husband bought me a playoff ticket. I snuck back and met some of the niners! best day ever lol i dont think we were nasty. From what I was reading a lot of the niners and cowboys are good friends. Maybe your talking about hte Seahawks Melissa. I dispise them!! Glad you guys had a good weekend!
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