It's Monday Again, Time For Monday Motivational Mind Food......... :)

"Always Hold Your Head Up, Live Life Positively With Positive Healthy Thoughts, No Matter What The Day Or Week Provides You-Keep The Faith That If You Are Faced With A Tough Challenge -- IT WILL PASS..... But Most Importantly Believe Beautiful Things Will Return Unto You. With Your Good Heart,Open Mind, Open Eyes, And Some Patience- You Will Soon Feel It, See It, and Know Your Patience Was Worth It"
~Yours Truly

Make it a Beautiful Day to start out this new week and month we get the opportunity to indulge into. I DARE YOU! :) And smile, it's contagious...

Hugs and High Fives

Thank you so much Melissa! I'm really happy to share them. Honestly, it's my FAITH. I have a big heart and although I've often been told I wear it on my sleeve ....
I know I am not alone having faced some difficult and/or painful times. I realized I was going about it all wrong. I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason and instead of enabling myself to feel more of the negative by spending countless time trying to figure out "why" and understand on "my time".... I learned instead that acceptance and patience reveal everything at the "time it's meant for me" to have my answers and understanding to whatever situation.
Not to mention, I just feel very Thankful and Blessed to have all I do have. :) Sorry for the long response. I hope it makes sense.
    Perfect! Thank you for this wonderul little reminder today! Hugs and high fives to you too
      8Theresa Gould
      Thank you for that reminder! It's during the tough times that it is harder to think positively, isn't it?
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