Teens and bedtime

What time do you have your teenager go to bed? If you don't have a teen, what time did your parents make you go to bed int he teen years?

My friends daughter is mad because she has a 10PM curfew on weekdays. I laughed because my teen has to be in bed by 10PM on weekdays. Maybe I am a mean mom? Eh, I just want her to get enough sleep is all.

    I never abided by the curfew as a teen... I think I had one, but... Meh. I'm sure by my mid-teens, as long as I wasn't disturbing anyone, I was good. I did have to be home by a certain time though, I think it was 10 unless I was at work later than that.

    I have always been a night owl and was even during my teens. I subsisted on very little sleep for school.
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