Do you believe in the supernatural?

I love this topic because it's hard to know if the stuff is all fake or if it is real.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one?

Does the Lochness Monster exist? How about Bigfoot? El Chupacabra?

Have aliens visited us?

Tell me, what are your thoughts on the supernatural?

    I do believe in... something. I won't say supernatural, because if it's occurring... It's natural, even if it's not common.

    I've had way too many experiences that are otherwise unexplained, and "non-believers" around me have been witness to a few, and they became believers really fast.

    I don't know why... It's been this way all my life. Maybe I was a kid who forgot to stop believing in "magic" :D

    As for aliens, I find it likely they exist whether or not they've visited.

    What do you think, Melissa? Have you experienced anything?
    "Too much beer" hahahahah!

    One thing I always found funny about Ghost Hunters on tv (very cool that you set it up yourself!!) is that... okay, so they're trying to catch something via electronics, cameras and mics right... but they are recording themselves recording it! How come the "second" recording, the one we are watching... never shows anything?!

    I can just never get past that lol, but it's still fun to watch. I love doing little local haunted tours and stuff.
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