Squeezy pouches!

Does anyone use the squeezy fruit/veggie/meal pouches? I love them! They are portable, my toddler can use it independently, and no mess! The downside is they are expensive and make lots of waste, but I found you can buy re-usable ones! Of course, that means you need to make the purees and pack it in the pouch, but it is less expensive, less wasteful and you can decide exactly what your kid gets to eat. I'm loving these pouches!

    My youngest will only eat baby food from pouches. She refuses to eat food from a spoon so they have been a life saver for us. We recently bought some reusable pouches and we have been filling them with jar baby food or homemade baby food.
      My daughter loves the fruit ones.
        I haven't really used them with my youngest. Used them a lot with my oldest daughter.
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