Fourth Birth - Missed it!

I went to my fourth birth this afternoon and got there with baby girl already in her mama's arms! It didn't help that my GPS was a little wonky making me have to turn around a couple of times.

This birth was a little different in that my midwife had to rub baby girl a bit more to get her to pink up. She was a little more phlegm-y than the other babies births. When I arrived baby was only a few minutes old and she was still purple-y. She did get five small puffs of oxygen after getting suctioned with a bulb syringe. After that she pinked up really well.

We also got to test baby's cord blood since mama is RH negative, which was kind of a cool little test.

Our midwife recently went to a class on hemorrhaging and learned a couple new things which she shared with us as we inspected the placenta.

I also followed behind my midwife in the newborn exam. Baby girl was not happy to be examined!

Other than that I was on clean up duty. :)

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