This stinks!

So I thought I really liked the doctors office for this pregnancy but I called them at 8 this morning to see if they could give me something else for the morning sickness because it just keeps getting worse, they called me back at 11 this morning and said they would call me back this afternoon...nothing! I've called them back and now they are closed and still nothing! Grrrr....

    8Theresa Gould
    That is frustrating! I hope you can get a hold of someone!
      I did finally get ahold of them and my husband is picking up the prescription...hopefully it helps!
        Hopefully they won't do it anymore. I told them when I called not to rush that I was patient...I was trying to be nice because I know they are busy but I think they kind of took advantage of that. Next time I don't think I will tell them that. lol 8 am to almost 5:30 pm is a bit of a wait.
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