Potty Training

how old do you start potty training your child. my son is 13 months old and will not keep a diaper on. help!

    I have no idea when most people start, but if he's taking it off... have you tried seeing if he'll use a potty just out of curiosity?

    I know some people start in infancy, just putting them over the potty about a billion times a day.
      I know mothers in China and other Asian countries potty train really young. They look for cues (what exactly I'm not sure...maybe stopping to squat, grunting, looking or playing with their privates...?) and then put them on the potty. When the baby goes, the mommy makes a sound like "pssss" and then praise baby when finished. Soon after hearing that noise so much, the baby associates the noise with going on the potty (think Pavlov's dog), so when the mom puts the kid on the potty and makes the sound, the child pees or poops. I think that is too much work. I would put clothes my kid couldn't take off, so the diaper would stay on, i.e. zip pajamas on backwards with the feet cut out.
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