Poop wipers

Last week our midwife told us we would be wiping poop. :) And having us more involved in the labors.

I must be getting tired because I just thought of this again and when I think of our conversation it just makes me chuckle. "Poop wipers"

Seriously, this is important because most moms are worried this is going to happen and we usually do not tell them whether they do or not because they are so self-conscious. So, in actuality we will be "secret" poop wipers. ;) Hiding the evidence as we go...hi-ho, hi-ho.

Blame it on the tiredness and just go with it....lol!

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    LOL I am so glad my body seems to take care of that issue... I always have diarrhea for three to four days straight before baby comes, then don't do go again until after baby comes.
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