Chewing sounds ahhhhh

So the kids Papi has no teeth and doesn't clean his dentures(gag) so he makes obnoxious chewing sounds, breanika does it to be irritating she chews quietly until she realizes papis grossness is aggravating me then she starts, bentleys one so he does it accidentally it's just cuz he has less anyhow after I got sick of listening to it I walked into the living room to get out of it and the special person my mil takes care of (who isn't actually special she just did to many drugs back in the day and is crazy now) is slurping her tea!! Why why why!!! Ok so leave that room off to the kitchen where I walk in to my mil clicking her dentures in and out of place...I must have issues with sounds.

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
It legit makes my ears feel like they're going to explode
    8Theresa Gould
    lol! You made me laugh but I can completely understand why that would be irritating. My husband clicks his flipper but surprisingly I hardly ever notice...guess I am use to tuning things out! Not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing.
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