Almost there!!

One month til my due date! We had our birthing center tour last night and now I'm even more excited for labor! I had crazy baby and delivery dreams last night, for the couple hours I slept. I was having crazy growing pains/cramps/BH contractions last night... Just getting excited I guess!

It was great! Different from where we had our first and even though I loved where we had our first, I think this one will be even better. They supply several kinds of birthing balls and all the rooms have jetted tubs you can labor in. The monitoring is telemetry, so if you need to walk around to labor, you don't have to be hooked up to 5 billion wires... They practice immediate skin to skin contact for a minimum of an hour after birth before taking baby to clean them up, etc., and that's how our first hospital was and it was great to get that immediate bonding time, especially for breastfeeding. They do all the baby tests, cleaning, etc in the room with you, the nursery is only for sick babies/preemies, etc so no wandering around to see your little one. My husband was excited that the couch area in this hospital looked better than our last one, he got stuck napping in a chair, but they had big couch areas in these rooms.
    8Theresa Gould
    The count down begins, as I always say! :) Though I cannot remember any of my pregnancy dreams now, I do remember a few weird ones!
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