Flu Shots? At what age do you stop? Or begin?

When my babies were little babies, the adults in the house got the flu show to protect them... knock on wood, I never go the flu...

When my kids were old enough to get it, I did it while they were little ... In my head, whether this is true or not.. I thought that as they were still little, they needed help with fighting things, etc.

I stopped all flu shots at 3. For everyone. And every flu season I cross my fingers and hope and pray that I made the right decision.

Knock on wood. We have yet to get the flu... (KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK)

My friends, almost all of them give their kids the shot or the nasal thing or whatever.. .every one of them... gets the flu... I know that the shot can't resist every strain, etc... but, hmmm... I feel like it's one of those things that we are programmed to fear... and to get...

I'm super all about vaccinations... I'm not that mom... I just think that if you have a generally healthy child... over 3... that isn't sickly.. then they should be able to get through it yes? Without a guarantee that they won't get it.. I hate putting them (and me) through it...​

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    My mom always says that flu is not a disease at all. You totally should get throgh it - to make your immunity stronger.
    By the way my mom is a doctor, but I was never vaccinated against flu in my childhood.
      8Theresa Gould
      We have never go the flu shots for us or our children.
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