WELL CHECKS - I love 'em and HATE 'em.

When my kiddos were babies I LOVED going to their checks and seeing their growth and ​show them off a little ... Of course I hated the shot part... Dreaded it, but when they were babies.. .it was easier and over faster... They got shots before they knew what was happening and I was able to Console them after and hold them during... And I knew they'd forgotten about it in minutes...

As my kids got older, just passing toddler age.. they started to catch on and notice the tray coming in... and when they hit kinder age my kids... stubborn and ballsy.. fought me with every thing they had... and I was devastated... Each time...lol...

I've tried waring them ahead.. like the day of... and talking them through it.. and bribing ice cream and reminding them it's to keep them safe... I've tried to pop it on them.. Nothing works... My son.. at his 8 year check... Clawed and screamed and went into pure flight response... I was shocked.. On the way I told him he was getting shots and he was like, "I got this mom..i know it hurts for a second and then done"...and I was like, ALRIGHT.. let's do this.. and then when the nurse came in with the tray... Oh man... He flipped out.. I eventually literally had to pick him up with two other nurses, HOLD MY SON DOWN screaming at me, red faced, tear streaked, clawing at my arms while they did the shots... This was after I tried to negotiate and talk him down and finally I was like. DUDE.. this is happening...

His poor little sister who was just sort of catching on and uber brave was in the corner with her hands over her ears, rocking... OH MY GOD!!!!!!

It was awful... I've never thought that would be MY kid.. NEVER.. I can't lie, I was a little impressed with how much fight he had... lol..

As soon as the shot was over... He stopped screaming and said, "Oh.. that's it?"

And All the nurses and I look at each other, like are you joking??? Screw you little monkey man.. Seconds after his shots, he's happy in the i-phone and I'm SCARRED FOR LIFE!!! My pony tail is all over the place, I have red marks from him trying to escape.. All the nurses and I were in desperate need of liquor.. and looked like we had been through some things....

Needless to say, we got his 9th coming up.. and my daughters 6th... I think he will be okay as he just had a strep test and handled like a champ...He's growing up and I told him I wont put up with that again... But his sister.. as soon as the words "well check" come up.. she's like, covering her ears and tells me not to talk about it and starts to get upset... the anxiety I see coming.. after what she witnessed poor thing...and I have a feeling... I may have to fight her too... and she's tougher than her brother (don't tell him I said that)... and she's going to fight hard...

Can I drug her?? KIDDING...

Anyone else with shot horror stories???

    8Theresa Gould
    I was a horror child for getting shots according to sources from my childhood. Who knew? Can't change anything now, can I? (wry smile)

    We stopped giving vaccinations when our third child was just over a year old and we stopped going to baby well check ups when our fifth child was born and we were asked to leave the pediatrician practice for not bending and getting vaccinations. They were tolerant, but only to the point. They had been hoping we would cave.

    As I said, our children are healthy and haven't even had colds for about two years now, with the exception of a rare temperature our youngest had this week. He's fine now.
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