Life is Changing..... (Sorry-this is long, But a GOOD SHARE)

So, I have been dedicating a lot of time looking for work to help provide for my family. Initially, we felt the ideal would be a work at home position to allow me to still spend more time with our son. After countless hours or applying and assessment tests, phone/face to face/digital interviews- I landed a job early last month to do just that..... Work from home. We were so excited, especially after encountering some strategically legit seeming scams that almost fooled us. Unfortunately, the new job wouldn't begin for me until the end of this month. So my search never ended. I was determined to find something sooner and stay thankful I still had one lined up although it was not satisfying my determination and our desires/needs.
I decided to apply to many different positions, not my specialty which was what seemed to be the obstacle (my experience falls in the category of demanding very long hours away from home within Real Estate)..... I became very discouraged as some offers I received just weren't going to work for us. I refused to give up although some days I felt so down inside and trying to remain positive, enthusiastic and upbeat seemed to be a job in itself.

I share this with you because although we had set out for what we THOUGHT would be perfect for us soon was becoming a major headache and felt more stressful to achieve each day that passed. I focused so much on trying to fulfill what we wanted and was faced with more challenges to reach the "desired" finish line, and then somehow I was on a site I had never seen or heard of before and it was also a job board similar to linkedin, etc. I thought I'd just give it a try what do I have to lose at this point? I won't get any results if I don't at least try.... right?

Well, I did... I soon applied to jobs by using company e-mails to send my resume directly rather than just filling out another lengthy application and I felt something strong inside that felt great. Like this is it. So another day passed and something told me to resend my resume out to a couple of the same email addresses I did the day before. Then, I received a call to interview!!! It gave me a great feeling of excitement. My professional experience fits great with the firm needs BUT I have no experience in the specific field. So, this is another hit or miss...... all depends if they are willing to give me the opportunity!!!
After the interview,I felt it went really well, but felt I could have done better since I was a little nervous but certainly excited :) Then upon my drive home, I was called for a "working Interview" to be done the next day by the same firm. :) Yay! I never did a working interview before so that was new yet exciting-and that was on Friday (last week). I thought everything went very well for my first ever" working interview", especially since the day ended with me being told I would be called on Monday. I sent my Thank You email for the interview and waited.
Well yesterday (Monday) came and went and I was so excited/anxious/hopeful for the phone to ring with good news and nothing happened. I was sad and a bit discouraged. I tried to stay positive and I thought "maybe they just really needed someone more familiar with the terminology and field experience", But I was still hopeful thinking "maybe they were just busy, etc........ and there is still tomorrow".

I hungered for that same feeling of excitement from the first call to interview with them, I just didn't want to lose that feeling that came over me since I didn't feel it for any other prior opportunities. I wanted the opportunity with the firm even more after both interviews and I thanked God after each was completed and each morning for even giving me the opportunities to meet with them. Still, I want that specific job so badly I could taste it and imagined myself in it and began to research some material to educate me more in the field keeping hope it may happen
Then today as I decided to go about the day without thinking into it too much and just letting happen what needs to happen, I got THE CALL.

I was offered the job :) WOOHOO! I officially start Thursday, and although it is not a work from home position. I will be at an office Mon-Fri from 8-5, but with an opportunity to LEARN and BE THERE FOR OTHERS and I AM SOOOOO THANKFUL AND EXCITED!! Thank You Thank you!

Life is Soooooo good we just need to believe and be hungry for what we want and not lose sight of it nor place it on the back burner-because it WILL HAPPEN if we feed the desire!!!!!
I hope this stressful but eventful experience can share some confidence or food for thought for something in your life. Just never give up and be open to other possibilities..... The "right" one just may not seem like it at first.

Hugs and High Fives

    8Theresa Gould
    Congratulations on the new job! Let us know how it goes on Thursday!
      Ever Lopez
      Congratulations on your new journey wishing the very best!!!
        Thank You all SOOOOOOO MUCH! Seriously! I love sharing any and everything here as I feel we can all be and have been a good support system to each other and it certainly feels good to get it with anything we go through. Thank You so much to you all for even taking the time to read and respond. It means a lot :::))), I will certainly follow up to let you know how it goes. I'm so thankful and just EXCITED WOOHOO!!!!!! :)
          Melissa Middleton
          That is so awesome, Jamie! Congrats. :)
            Yay! Congrats!! Positive attitude goes a long way! Happy for you :)
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