..first solo days at home!

Mamas.. do you recall those first few days of being solo with the baby at home?

I do! I was so scared.. and very hormonal :)

But hello.. we made it. Little by little it all comes to you!

Do you have a funny store - do share below! Tell me how you FELT being just YOU and the BABY.. :)

    Ever Lopez
    Oh boy!! I remember with My 1st son Ozzie!! My mom had to go back home and my hubby to work so here I am sitting in the living room watch some t.v everything was ok until I heard that noise ( far but a wet one loud) I got so scare that what I do I dial my moms # and ask her what I do when that wet far noise happen!!! Like really I didn't know if to open the pamper or just let him sit there because he was so comfy and quiet! !! Motherhood is just the best!!! LoL
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