Homeschoolers, relaxed or tight schedule?

For the ladies that home school I have a question for you. Or if you plan to home school please answer as well!

Do you keep a relaxed schedule or do you keep a tight schedule? Do you insist on certain things being done at certain times and impose a late penalty if not (like for projects)? If you don't mind, tell me a little bit about your home schooling technique!

    What seems to work for most of friends is they set a plan for every quarter after getting curriculum in.. They try be at a certain point in every subject by a certain date. If they surpass that, then they reevaluate for the next date, same as if they don't get there because something needs more time for understanding. I'm not sure about the projects because all my friends have middle school and elemenary age, so they do the projects as they go along,when the project is done, they move on with the next lesson.
    That's pretty much what I'm planning on doing and doing now with preschool. I have everything set and ready to go. When we finish one letter, we move on. Some weeks we are doing school every day (like 30 minutes), some weeks we don't even do anything. My hubby found some awesome YouTube videos on planning.
    Does that make sense?
    We will schedule around holidays, DH's breaks from work, and birthdays.. And if something else comes up. But that's all I know off hand. When we get into higher gradesiwillhaveo be done every day. But probably an hour here and there rather than sit down for however many hours.
      8Theresa Gould
      I am pretty flexible. School has to be done every day unless they are sick or it's their birthday. Yes we give them a day off on their birthday from school and most chores because we do not usually take the normal holidays off except for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

      Our older ones are pretty much on their own for their studies. Our oldest is already living with the consequences of not completing certain things when she should have. So no penalties necessary. She's stressed out enough.
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