7 month old baby activities..

Mamas.. what are some 7 month old baby activities?

For Monroe and I.. here are some!

- reading time, I read to him throughout the day!
- stroller walks.. he LOVES these! Sometimes he falls asleep ;)
- floor playtime.. I often let him scoot and wiggle around the floor and play with his toys by himself on his blanket.. I am close by, but he really loves being by himself playing sometimes!
- exersaucer time.. he loves this thing.. in moderation ;)
- sitting up play time.. I love sitting him up and going through his toys, books, stuffed animals with him...
- I sign the ABCs to him many times a day.. he lights UP!
- we go have playtime in the grass outside.. talk about distracted, he loves it!

What else do you do with you 7 month old?

    Melissa Middleton
    I do all of those things but I sign other words as well since I know some sign language. I need to sign with him more. Jonah loves all of those things as well. When it was warmer, we played in his baby pool. He loves to splash. He also loves books, and I have read to him for two hours straight one time. He will sit and listen and touch the pages, and he will even try to help turn them. I let him do so, even if we skip pages because he is learning to use his hands to do other things with. He also has this rubber donkey thing he sits and bounces on. I also hold him and bounce him on the exercise balls to increase stomach and back muscles, which he loves. My boy is an outdoors boy as well.
    Melissa Middleton
    Oh, and we also go to the park and play on the infant swings, sit on the purple dinosaur, or I hold him while he slides part way down the slide. He enjoys those things as well.
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