What's Going On? Weeks 13 to 17

Around 13 weeks into your pregnancy your baby's intestines have relocated from the umbilical cord to his or her own abdomen. Baby is making urine and releasing it into the amniotic fluid. Bones are beginning to form, and the skull, arms and legs are taking firm shape. They'll reach the relative lengths they'll be at birth in just a week or so. Weeks 13 to 17 see definition coming to the baby's body and it is in this quarter of the trimester that your baby's sex is apparent. Bones are forming, the skeleton is developing and the hair pattern on the scalp is becoming evident. Your baby's eyes face forward and begin to move slowly as his or her ears are nearing their final placement. If you could see inside your womb, you'd notice that your baby is beginning to make sucking motions with his or her mouth. Movement is becoming coordinated and your upcoming ultrasound will let you see how much movement is actually taking place in there.