Favorite Toys.. Aren't TOYS At All!

Mamas.. did you find that your babies loved things that were not MADE to be toys, more than their toys themselves? I already find this to be true!

Monroe loves kitchen items that I give him, everything is safe of course, but it's so funny how a spatula can keep him more entertained than his OWN toys!

Did your baby have something funny they loved?

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        Melissa Middleton
        Haha! I give the plastic utensils to my son as well, and he acts like it is the coolest thing he has ever seen and will play with it longer than his real toys. Haha! And, today in church, he was rolling the beads on my necklace (they are bulky ones) across my neck.
        My son also has to grasp his daddy's dog tags as he walks by them each time. He can be five feet from them and reaches his hand out, ready to grab them as we pass them. So, I stop for a minute or so and let him touch and hold them. He looks at them with wonder every time. He loves those tags!

        I played with pots, pans, and wooden spoons when I was little, and I will allow Jonah next month. He sits up now but likes to throw himself backwards so I don't want him smacking his head on the floor--says worry wart mommy.
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