Chores by age chart

Chores by age chart, I remember when we started my niece on doing chores to help out, she loved helping me with the dishes and laundry.
Chores for Kids
Each school year, chores change for each child based on their grade and maturity level. As a mom, you know what your child can or can’t handle. Middle school girls can do their own laundry…middle school boys? That’s questionable. And I always have to remind myself, don’t fret if they do a horrible job with a task. Have patience and show them how to do it – they will get it eventually.
Lastly, don’t give in when they whine or complain. The earlier you start, the more normal it is for them to help out around the house.
Here are a few chores:
~ Toddler (Ages 2-3)
Pick Up Toys (show them how)
Bring plate and cup to the sink after a meal
Straighten covers on the bed
Put dirty clothes into the hamper
Wipe up spills
~ Preschooler (Ages 4-5)
All Toddler jobs
Make the bed
Help put clothes in washing machine/dryer
Help put clothes away
Take out recycling
Load dishes into dishwasher
Feed animals
Water flowers
~ Elementary (Ages 6-8)
All Preschool & Toddler Jobs
Set table
Wash dishes in sink
Put clean clothes away on own
Collect garbage around the house
Get mail
Rake leaves
Put away groceries
Wash car
~ Older Elementary (Ages 9-11)
All Toddler, Preschool, & Elementary Jobs
Help in meal preparation
Clean toilets
Clean bathroom sinks, counters, mirrors
Walk dogs
Take garbage cans to curb
Mow lawn
Clean animal cages
Shovel snow
Help make/pack lunch
Change sheets on bed
~ Middle School (Ages 12-14)
All above chores
Clean showers/tub
Wash/Dry clothes
Mop floors
Gardening/Yard work
Help supervise younger children

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