Anyone watching President Obama's speech tonight?

I won't be. I have too much work to do but I will read about it tomorrow. I do not think taking action against Isis is necessarily going to stop them. I do not agree that the president has the authority over congress to make this decision.

Anyone want to weigh in with their thoughtful comments?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    If the Western world doesn't take action, NOTHING will stop them. And make no mistake, they're coming for us once they are done with the middle east. I truly believe that we are in a clash of civilizations with radical Islam, and we better wake up to it fast. It's almost too late, especially in parts of Europe. But we have plenty of hidden jihadists in Canada and America as well. This is the first thing Obama has proposed in a while that I actually agree with!!!
      I think we should proposed a comment only if we understood well the issues. We need a huge research on that matter and be not solely dependent on what was media is saying.
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