Deakin's Day

So, I am waiting at the bus stop to begin my 3o'clock daily routine, the bus finally pulls up, 20 minutes late again on a 100 degree day, and Deakin comes flying off the bus with his backpack , lunch box, and tablet bag flying out of his hands and me trying to play the juggler from the circus of mommies look up at him and he iss smiling from ear to ear. This is something we don't get much after school, so I said, "WOW! It must of been a great day!" He was so excited and told me "No, But, I got invited to two birthday parties!" And he was sure to clarify that it wasn't one but two. This is the first time in three years of school he had been invited to any parties. He asked over and over again if he could go and even asked Daddy a dozen times before telling Daddy bye so he could go to work and of course we said "yes". I just love seeing him so happy. It had made my stressful day so much better.

    How exciting!!! I bet you guys are equally as excited for him (:
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    I am a mother of a amazing 7yr. old son who has autism, ADHD, growth hormone deficiency, and asthma. Everyday is a new battle, but it Deakin never fails to surprise my husband and I. He is so talented and has nothing short of a miracle to us.