I would say that making sure you're the healthy is the top priority..

Get a well check, blood check, go to the dermatologist.. check that mole and exercise.. You never know how your body will handle pregnancy so you want to be in top form for it... I had one easy and one hard.. and the hard one was rough and I was in good health...​

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    8Theresa Gould
    I did this with my first one but not with any of the others unless it was after a miscarriage.

    Even if you are healthy, as you indicated, things can and do go wrong.
      YES! It is.. without your healthy, you have nothing, honestly. My husband and I have really up'ed this since finding out we are expecting. We are both very fit people normally, don't eat unhealthy.. but we finally found exercises that we both LOVE.. like need in our lives.. and the difference in making time for those has been insane. I think/hope starting a family on a healthy note can make a world of a difference down the line.
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