My two dream I want to do to help others

I want to still get my Associate in Criminal Justice but also get my Medical Assistant certificate then get my RN Nursing. Something is telling to get the dream you most want to become in your career and that is Medical Assistant then RN Nurse..

    8Theresa Gould
    Both are great careers! A lot of hard work but you can do it!
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        I finished MA school and want to pursue nursing too. :) MA school takes less than a year and is pretty affordable (might have to take out a loan from the school). It is a needed field, so a good one to pursue. I found that many places hiring nurses want nurses with a BSN degree. It is hard to get into, time consuming, and a costly venture. There are vocational schools that train nurses too. I know nothing about the associates in criminal justice. I guess my advice would be to look into what the careers you want require and how to get the requirements. See if you have and are willing to put in the time, effort, and finances (loans and scholarships are available) to get where you want to go. Good luck!!
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        Hello Mother's, I am a mother of 1 child. Starting up my dream career of a fashion designer and working up doing more to help my community and the children.