Last passport due to arrive today!

We got a call yesterday from the shipping company that a package was due to arrive and needed an adult signature. Looked up where it was coming from - Quebec! So it is my passport! So excited! It should be here this morning.

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
8Theresa Gould
Melissa, seven of the children and I would like to go back this fall (hubby and our older son would have to stay home to take care of our CSA, egg deliveries and animals, plus do the paper routes) so I can check out properties but we are still working on the details. We are still talking about moving and looking into things. It is just so darn expensive when you consider a cross country move WITH a boat load of animals. Not just the expense of getting a trailer to move the animals, but there is a bunch of vet things we have to do to get our animals across the border.

We don't even know if they will ok our mattresses (unless they are fumigated) and furniture at the border or even our truck (they say there's no guarantees??!). There are that many rules and regulations!

If we do it, it may take us longer than we originally planned, is my best guess.
8Theresa Gould
That's what I think - bug infestation and bringing them across the border. It is an option to sell everything. But our mattress is a Nature's Sleep and I won it on a Twitter party, it's a $2000 mattress and soooo comfortable! I think I'd pay to get it fumigated because of how much it cost. I just have to research how to go about doing it! The other mattresses we could replace.
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