Checking In!

Hallo mommas!
I've been off of here for...some time, but I just wanted you all to know that yes, we're all alive and kicking!

Some updates?
~Nina calls me "mama" now! Woo!
~I know when to expect my husband home! Extra extra woo!
~I'm working on the puppy search! It's green light for puppy cuddles!

    Woohoo! It's so awesome when they start calling you Mama! I think it's my favorite thing ever. Good to see an update...we miss you around here. That is amazing you know when your husband will be back. Let the countdown begin :-) do you know what kind of puppy you want yet?
    The first time she did it was awesome, lol. It was bath time, and I went down the hall to her room calling for her, and she came out, saying "Mama" and went into the bathroom, closed the door behind us and tried to take off her diaper while I got the water ready. It was like....WHEN did you start becoming more of a person and who said it could happen? Now she calls me Mama all the time ^.^

    Countdown away!

    I've gotten permission from the apartment and added a pet policy to our lease, and I've checked out several puppies, just waiting to hear back on em! They are a white shiba inu puppy, a norfolk terrier, a pembroke welshe corgi, a scottish terrier, cavachon puppy, shih tzu, yorkie, shih poo...basically I've been looking EVERYWHERE for our puppy. I'm REALLY hoping for the shiba inu or the cavachon or the corgi <3
      8Theresa Gould
      Nice to hear how you are doing, Morgan! Sounds like Nina is starting to talk! Gotta love knowing when hubby will be home, I bet that makes your day a bit easier.

      Good luck on the puppy search!
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